We are human.

We are undaunted.

We are foundational.

We could probably follow this up with a motivational collection of words and phrases. Instead we’ll try to tell you who we really are.

We live in New York City and Montreal. We also have people working all over the world and when conditions permit, we relocate folks to our home cities. At some point in time, we had more passports than people which is to say we come from all over.

We work hard, really hard. One thing that’s brought us together is working on tough problems with incredible people. You’ll see us active early in the morning and late at night. That’s not to say that we only work hard at work. Some of us put some of our hard work towards being care givers, parents, aspiring athletes, skydivers, musicians, home renovators and cooks.

We are evolving. Building companies is really hard and we’ve had our share of challenges. As we’ve grown we’ve continuously sought out ways of improving and building a great company that’s working on foundational problems for our customers.

We are customer focused. Without the incredible people that we partner with we’re really just a bunch of crazy people working on a random problem. Our customers are the reason we’re here and the reason we have a business. They continously challenge us to do better and we challenge them to improve their data operations.

We serve the leaders at top companies. Our customers are data pioneers at some of the largest companies in the world. They’ve conquered their respective industries and know that data is the key to continue to lead in their markets.

We are curious. We continuously learn from the incredible people we partner both on the customer side and internally.

We love food enough to make it an integral part of our hiring process and how we get to know each other. We do frequent dinners together and share our culinary adventures on everyone’s favorite slack channel #dtl-food

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