About Us

At Datalogue, we've built a team united under the belief that data should drive businesses forward, not hold them back.

The key lies in understanding and optimizing how data flows, and in making diverse data easy to manipulate. Datalogue uses abstraction and Machine Learning to give organizations the tools they need to reduce their time to data and get to the better, faster decisions that come with it.

We leverage our tech to find solutions that shake the core operations of industry-leading Telecommunications, Finance, and Pharmaceutical institutions. We’ve built an incredible, experimental team from both hemispheres and many backgrounds—we've had more passport types than people for most of our history!—and we rely on each person to bring their perspective to bear against the foundational problems Datalogue addresses.

On weekends, we cook team dinners and get competitive over Talking Heads karaoke. On weekdays, we drive enterprise data to insights already changing the world for the better.

We are foundational, we are human, and we are undaunted. Reach out to us, and let us show you how Datalogue reinvents what data can do.


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Time to Impact