De-skill the problem to up-skill the team

Reframing technical challenges so they become accessible will boost the efficacy of your teams efforts.

Digital transformation has led to non-digital native companies flocking to technology vendors to help them transform the capabilities of their organizations.

Unfortunately, executives I speak with from a plethora of non-digital native industries have come to realize that adopting the tech stack of digital native companies requires hiring talent that can manage that tech stack.

Given that talent and IT budgets aren’t infinitely large, that means taking dollars away from “bread and butter talent” for those different industries and allocating them to software engineering talent. Software engineering talent that is in high demand and whose salaries get dramatically inflated by the competition to hire the best engineers possible into digital native industries.

In my experience, I’ve seen companies manage to snatch up a handful of sophisticated big tech executives only to fall short when it comes to hiring sophisticated software engineering talent en masse.

Some high-tech industries are able to up-skill their already highly technical talent to adopt new development techniques but these re-skilling initiatives are oftentimes expensive and yield mixed results.

The solution to this problem is to work with vendors that de-skill a particular function and show a progressive ramp to becoming a power-user and eventually even a developer.

What I’ve seen this mean is working with product centric companies that provide an extremely elegant, easy-to-use solution to tasks that are generally highly technical in nature. Users adopt the “simple” workflows they can work through to get to more powerful feature sets, eventually leveraging programmatic features to automate parts of their workflows.

These types of products are rare but are commonly found in the “martech” stack and are increasingly coming to bear in new functional domains.

At Datalogue, we bring this de-skill to up-skill mentality to data integration software. Our product allows non-technical users to easily integrate data from any source into their analytics environment; as they use our product, these non-technical users can ease their way into power user features and eventually into the development toolkit.

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