Financial services

Whether you're generating alpha, investing in compliance, or simply trying to get ahead of your competition, data is at the heart of winning

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Asset Management
Make investment decisions faster

Make bid decisions on loan portfolios within minutes of being provided access to the data room.

Datalogue will provide clean data from any source, in any format, automatically and exactly to your specifications, ready for feeding into your models.

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Regulatory Checks
Speed up KYC, AML, PEP, and CTF checks

Reduce deal lead time when engaging new third parties.

Datalogue will automate data processing for AML, KYC and onboarding checks, providing onboarding teams with usable data in real time and increased capacity to incorporate new risk data and build more robust risk models.

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Minimize risk

Improve your counterparty risk modeling with faster useable data and the ability to easily add data sources.

Datalogue will channel your data from source to model automatically and improve time to risk insight, no matter how many sources or formats your data is in.

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Compliance Reporting
Stay compliant

Always have access to up to date compliance reporting data, easily.

Datalogue will lower the burden of data manipulation, standardization and consolidation on compliance teams caused by the growing range of compliance data sources.

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Sensitive Data Management
Detect and mask PII

Datalogue will automatically identify and mask sensitive data, including PII, in both structured and unstructured data sources, helping you stay compliant with regulations.

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Client data consolidation
Build complete client data views

Datalogue will automatically consolidate both third party and internal data, drawing on everything from transactional history to CRM sales tools to help you build complete client views.

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