Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Embrace the next wave of automation to drive efficiency of data driven decisions

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Material Shortage Management
Manage the smart way

Efficiently managing material supply shortages requires analyzing data from disparate sources and suppliers in different formats.

Automate data processing and enable optimization of critical customers demand vs. supplier recovery plans.

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PII Detection and Obfuscation
Secure your data

Store, share and analyze your sensitive data with confidence.

Datalogue will identify and obfuscate any sensitive data, in any system, regardless of format.

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IIoT Management
IIoT data, in real time, across any device

As the Industrial Internet of Things grows, so do the number of disparate data sources that need analyzing.

Datalogue makes it easy, automatically unifying your IIoT data with other data sets such as quality data and others, letting you analyze that data in real time.

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Preventative Maintenance
Improve equipment efficiency

Tired of having underutilized or inefficient assets on your production floor? We get that.

Minimize unplanned equipment downtime and reduce maintenance cost with realtime key data source analysis.

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Quality Improvement
Data driven quality improvement

Achieving world class quality metrics often requires analyzing data you don’t easily have access to.

Easily access any internal or external data sources in minutes, letting you tackle your most challenging quality improvement projects.

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ERP and Cross Enterprise Data Centralization
Centralize your data

How long are you waiting to get the data you need?

If you’re waiting more than minutes, you’re waiting too long. Start monitoring cross-enterprise ERP, marketing, manufacturing, quality, purchasing and more in real time.

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