We help teams get data from where it’s collected to where they can analyze it

A self-service data integration platform purpose built for self-sufficient, cross-functional, data-driven teams in the world's largest enterprises.

  • Connectors to all your enterprise data sources
  • Easy, no-code transformation and unification of disparate data
  • Powerful data flow governance features and integration into your existing architectures

If you're looking for fast, data-driven teams to help fuel your digital transformation, it's time to think differently

Data integration is at the heart of every data-driven initiative.
If you've invested in and transformed your analytics stack, it's time to look at end-to-end data integration solutions built for both modern teams and the realities of the digital enterprise.

Modern, data-driven teams can't rely on legacy integration tools or wait on other teams to drive value

Cross-functional teams are equipped with self-service toolkits that enable them to handle projects end-to-end.

However, cross-functional teams must currently rely on centralized data ingestion teams to get the data they need for data driven initiatives.

True self-sufficiency requires self-service data integration.

Bringing data integration into the self-service toolkit empowers modern teams to solve end-to-end business problems.

From building products to optimizing your business, getting those teams the data they need to make informed decisions is key.

Run more data-driven initiatives

Eliminate the bottlenecks that prevent you from producing delivering data-driven initiatives quickly.

Slash data engineering costs

Cut down on compute and the hidden costs of rolling out your own complex data integration tools.

Get up and running in minutes

Start integrating data into your central environments in a manner of minutes. No lengthy training cycle required.

Empower data-driven teams...
without taxing your IT department or your data ingestion team

De-skill the problem
to up-skill your organization

Complex data integration software and data engineering toolkits slow down modern, agile teams focused on your most pressing initiatives.

Decrease the number of tools required to solve data integration problems

Connectors, data models, transformations and dataflow governance all in one, easy-to-use platform for your product, business and IT teams.

Enough visibility and control for the most complex and regulated enterprises

Find and eliminate duplicative data integration work with ease while maintaining proper security and governance over your data

Optimize your existing infrastructure to minimize costs

Our connectors are optimized to squeeze the best out of your data environments.


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