Automation powers revolutions

We bring automation and usability to data processing and ETL
to help you get high quality, usable data quickly and reliably

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We built the first enterprise-grade
Data Process Automation platform
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Enterprise-grade Data Process Automation in a nutshell
Our platform brings automation to the manual, ad hoc processes necessary to turn raw data into usable data.
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An approach that has survived the test of time

Automation consistently drives returns across industries and use cases.

Faster time to usable data
Eliminate the bottlenecks that prevent you from producing data-driven insights quickly
Increased number of data-driven initiatives
Execute more data driven initiatives by automating the repetitive, manual work in your data processes
Better, more consistent data quality
Reduce manual human error by automating deduplication, detection of PII, or mapping of your data models
Empowered data scientists and engineers
Free up your data experts to do what matters — analyze data and build a data-driven enterprise

It would take days to do this work... now it takes minutes”

Fortune 500 Chip Manufacturer

“Since automating our data processing with Datalogue, we’ve greatly increased the number of data driven projects we can execute on.”

Director of analytics
Fortune 100 Cable/MSO

Datalogue's co-pilot AI and automation technology has reduced our time to curate our data  from
weeks to hours.

Fortune 100 Consumer Packaged Goods

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