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Businesses everywhere strive to be data-driven

Not one measures time to data

Time to data is the velocity at which clean, usable data can be mobilized to downstream processes

Datalogue measures & optimizes time to data

Allowing customers to drive and operationalize
data-driven decisions throughout their organizations

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Measuring Time to Data

Datalogue’s platform integrates with existing data operations processes, allowing you to visualize the many pipelines and pipeline components bringing data to your analytic engines. 

Once aware of your data operations workflows, you can see precisely how your data moves, what problems arise, and where improvements can be made to optimize your processes.

Datalogue collects all this information in one easy-to-reference dashboard.


Optimizing Time to Data

With your data pipelines compiled and visualized, Datalogue can address and automate any redundant operations, allowing you to Get, Know, Transform, and Deliver your data.

Datalogue's Abstraction processes stream your data seamlessly into your workflow, from any source or any format. Neural networks find conceptual relationships within your data and parse them automatically, allowing our AI-powered smart data pipelines to transform and standardize your data to any customizable output format, ready for consumption by downstream analytic models.

Datalogue’s customers reduce time to data.

This materializes as different use cases in different industries,
but ultimately, all drive to a singular goal:

Making data usable as fast as possible.

  • Business Problems

    A leading Pharmaceutical company uses Datalogue’s platform to pipe data into their home-grown enterprise data fabric


    Smart pipelines automatically map across all ERP systems, while reusable, operationalized blocs can be applied across projects. This dramatically reduces the manual labor needed to meet the demands of business groups clamoring for data to drive decisions.

  • A leading aerospace manufacturer uses Datalogue’s platform to create reusable data pipelines

    With intuitive tooling, business users can start extracting valuable knowledge from unstructured text fields, leveraging sophisticated deep learning models on data that was previously impossible to analyze economically.

  • A top 10 Telecommunications provider uses Datalogue’s platform to drive network operations decisions using data

    By reconciling disparate sources, the customer leverages overall time to data reductions of 99.996% to respond to two natural disasters in a data-driven fashion, mounting more effective response efforts than otherwise possible.

  • Another leading Telco uses Datalogue’s platform to drive customer satisfaction through technology selection

    Horizontal scaling allows the customer to consume 12 TB/day from network telemetry data and to automate the mapping that brings these data to their central data models.

  • Customers in the CPG and the Food & Beverage industries turn to Datalogue to drive optimizations on their balance sheets

    Optimized balance sheets make marketing insights data actionable more quickly. In some cases, six months of work are completed in eight weeks, allowing for quick iterations on solutions.